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How to install Powready batteries ?

1. Contact us by email, phone, WhatsApp or via the online form.

2.A member of our team will call you and advise you on the best device based on your location, event, and visitor volume.

3.An installation is then scheduled based on your availability and ours.

Professional application tailored for you

Monthly performance statistics

Personalized establishment profile

Online document management

Revenue tracking

Elevate your business presence via our customer app

On the PowReady app, users can see your venue and its description, check real-time battery availability, utilize integrated GPS for easy navigation to your location.

Where can you find us?

London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bournemouth, Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton, Paris, Toulouse, Malta, Ibiza, Andorra, the United States, and beyond.

Our many global partner establishments underscore the daily value and utility of our solution to their operations.

Do you have a question about our charging stations?

To find an available battery, you can use the Powready application and follow these steps:

  1. Open the Powready App: If you have the Powready app installed on your mobile device, open it. If not, you can download it from your app store.
  2. Search for Nearby Stations: Use the app’s search or map feature to locate nearby charging stations. You should be able to see station icons on the map.
  3. Check Availability: Click on the station icons to check the availability of batteries. It should show you the number of batteries available at each station.
  4. Select a Station: Choose a station with available batteries that is convenient for you.
  5. Navigate: If needed, use the app’s GPS feature to navigate to the selected station.
  6. Rent a Battery: Once you’re at the station, follow the instructions on the app to rent a battery. This may involve scanning a QR code or using a designated code.
  7. Charge Your Device: Use the rented battery to charge your device.

To unlock a battery, simply scan the QR code on the charging station, which will redirect you to the app or our payment page. With Apple Pay and Google Pay, retrieving a battery takes just a few seconds. Then, you only need to borrow the flashing battery.

With Powready batteries, it’s possible to charge all types of devices: phones, headphones, e-cigarettes, speakers, and more. Our batteries come with 3 cables.

It’s absolutely possible to receive your charging stations fully customized with your company’s or event’s colors, creating a unique communication tool!

There are 3 LED lights on the left side of the battery to indicate its charge level.

It is entirely possible to purchase a battery retrieved from the charging station. The price of the battery is equal to its deposit at the time of purchase.

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